Author: Elizabeth Goodman

Pimm’s Cup

The first time I had a Pimm’s Cup I was in New Orleans in the summer for a family wedding. My mother, my adult daughters, and I all went on a cocktail walking tour of the French Quarter. This cocktail was the perfect antidote to the heat and humidity of NOLA.

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Queen Bee’s Knees

January has been a crazy-busy month for me. I’ve managed to set foot in 8 different states, slept in 5 of them and hit every single time zone in the continental US. I’ve been to three different conferences, had quality time with my family, and went to a funeral. (The deceased was a delightful woman who lived to be 94, so the funeral was a celebration of her life more than a time of mourning.) I’m exhausted. On the other hand, one of the joys of traveling is getting to experience new places and taste new cocktails. This week...

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