My cocktail for Valentine’s weekend is the Pink Lady. However, I was afraid the men wouldn’t be interested in drinking something that sounds and looks so feminine. Just for you I created this companion cocktail called the Blue Gentleman.

Recipe for Blue Gentleman Cocktail - A Weekend Indulge originalBlue Gentleman



2 ounces gin

½ blue caracao

½ ounce Parfait Amour (See Tips)

¾ ounce heavy cream

½ ounce simple syrup


1. Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice and add gin, blue caracao, Parfait Amour, heavy cream, and simple syrup.

2. Shake well and pour into a martini glass.

Tips: Parfait Amour is a purple liqueur that tastes of orange, vanilla, almonds, and rose petals. I used the version by Marie Brizard, but Bols also makes it. Do not substitute Parfait Amour produced by DeKuyper. It has a different flavor profile. The cherries are bourbon cherries by Woodford Reserve. Glass is vintage, and can be found on eBay.